Monthly Archives: December 2011

Time for an explination . . .

It is hard to remember things that happened before my illness hit it’s hardest.  Life is always full of little surprises of my past and it is like I am seeing the world anew.  I often find it hard to … Continue reading

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . .

These immortal words have sung to me since I was only a wee lad.  They set off imaginings story snippets and most of all memories of Jedi and Sith and all those two factions entail.  Yesterday I had the extreme … Continue reading

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Taking time to read up on my fellow bloggers . . .

I have had the opportunity in my growing blogdom to read a few other blogs.  It so happens that I have just recently read the blog of a young woman who is dealing with some real health issues. this is a … Continue reading

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