Time wasted

Ok so let me at first apologize to you my readers . . .  i will be going on a slight rant with this blog post.   Sooooo, my old PC was having old age issues so I spent some coin and revamped it.  I upgraded the Motherboard to the ASUS P8Z68-v Pro/Gen3 (supposedly a really great MB); the new i7 2700k processor from Intel, 8 GB of Corsair Ram and before that I upgraded my power Supply to a corsair HX850 and added a second GTX460 EVGA video card.

This was to be my dream system.  I would be able to trans-code video in the blink of an eye, make a HD video in less than half of the regular play time, blow most games out of the water in terms of performance.  Above all that, it should continue to do so for the next 3 years no problem.  That is about my average upgrade schedule for my PC’s.  My last system is still mostly in good condition and is now powering my Media PC, sans the offending ram chips.  So I can usually build a pretty good future proof system.

The last build though has been a nightmare. . .  First my Original GTX460 EVGA card caught fire on me . . . yup it actually flamed up.  So I was a little surprised at that as in 21 years of building and working with PC’s I have never had one catch fire on me (I started tinkering when I was like 14 :P).  Silly me of course, I did not buy the instant product replacement through memory express so I have had to deal with EVGA directly.  I have to give them a plus here they have been extremely helpful.  I though have been less than pleased with the situation.  if it had of been just the Video card I would have been ok.

To my utter dismay though the Motherboard is now giving me grey hair. . Ok I don’t have any grey hair yet but I thought the saying may give you imagery relating to how I feel.  So the MB works like a charm when it is on and past the BIOS.  This is probably the fastest setup i have ever made.  My Processor easily sits at 4.5 GHz under Turbo and stock coolers and I have the smoothest video trans-coding and speeds that I could have only dreamed of before this upgrade but getting it to even boot into the BIOS is a PITA.  it is not my over clocking nor my ram or the video card or even a drive problem.  The issue I believe rests solely on the Motherboard and the BIOS 3202 for it.  So now my PC is staying on.  not the best situation for the power bill but I have everything power saving turned on so I think it is pulling less than 50 watts at idle. I did a Stress test on it last night for 8 hours and it passed with flying colours so it has to be the bios as everything else works flawlessly.

I have e-mailed ASUS to see what they say about my ISSUE and thankfully I did get the IPR through Memory Express for the motherboard so it should be replaceable if things go south.  While that e-mail is in I check on my RMA through EVGA.

You see I had to ship my video card to the states at my cost, $35, for them to fix/replace my card.  I did this a week ago on Friday.   They have as of now received my card and are replacing it with a brand new one it looks like.  This is rare they usually only send out a refurbished unit.  I get a momentary feeling of elation that something may possibly be going right . . . Then . . . I notice that the model number they are sending me is different . . . I look up that model number  . . . I am getting an upgrade even!  Wow, ok great customer service but . . . I bought 2 GTX460’s solely so I could team them up in SLI.  They are sending me a rare GTX 560 DS SSC.  great upgrade of a card and I am thrilled that they would be willing to treat me so well but this effectively makes my remaining card useless . . . I can not SLI a 560 and a 460 card, they are two different chipsets totally and it just does not work.  So while I will be getting back a superior card to what I sent them, my system will not be as robust as it was prior to this.

So I messaged them to see if they can replace my second card the same way or I asked them to send me the same model I sent them back so I can still SLI my cards.

Now I have an e-mail into EVGA and one to ASUS regarding my system problems and I am sitting here hoping that I am not out $160 for my GTX460 that will now be useless.  Not mention the frustration of sitting on a system that blew my mind when I first put it together and is now so buggy that I feel if press it will break even more 😦 plus I would charge $25/hour to diagnose and troubleshoot a clients computer so if I charged myself that I would be almost $400 in with all the work and troubleshooting I have done on this beast.

So hopefully, Next time I post I can glow about the awesome treatment I have received from these companies to resolve my dissatisfaction.


So wish me Luck until next time we meet . . .


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