the time I was inspired by a blog . . .

Wow, ok this will be a multipronged post.   First and foremost I have to give it up to Diane.  I have linked to her blog for one reason . . . She has just posted what I feel to be the whole reason I set out to blog!  Read her post by clicking the link on her name and see what I mean.  It is not often that I have run into another blogger heck even another person who is as enlightened about self and the world in general.  Diane achieves this through meditation as you will read and I had my moment in a bout of Malnutrition and a journey of self-discovery to remember my life before it.

It amazes me every day what I remember a little of who I am and my capabilities and I feel like I am gaining traction on where I am in life.  Being at home agent has been a life saver in my eyes.  I have been able to regain myself without the constant observation of my peers and leaders.  It has allowed me to have bad days without anyone ever seeing them 🙂 this has been beneficial as it has allowed myself confidence to restore itself to a more reasonable level.  I am exploring the nutritional levels of food and how our body is handling modern developments.

This will sometimes hit me in strange ways.  This morning for example I had the thought that allergies are the body’s natural way of telling us to move on.  Well in my mind it makes sense and it sort of did for me as I poured a bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios and dropped Max Flax bread into the toaster for the 111th time 🙂 in our development as Homo sapiens we were nomadic traveling from place to place and eating what we could where we could.  fast forward 4000 years and viola the supermarket, permanent residences, an increase in food allergies, CFS, fibromyalgia, crones/colitis, celiac’s and a plethora of other nutritional deficient conditions and diseases.  I had a IGG food allergy test done last year and to my dismay I had a slight allergy to my favorite foods . . .  what?  Well I am a creature of habit; I eat the same things rather regularly.  This constant repetition is what has developed my allergies to these foods.  Now my allergy is slight and not life-threatening but it is there and it does affect my health over all.  My eczema has cleared to a large extent as I cut out chocolate (well, reduced it, ok I don’t think that would be a reasonable thing to remove from my diet . . . I grew up next to a chocolate factory!)  But back to my original thought; I was placing my butter on my toast and it flashed through my mind this morning.  I know the Paleo diet is gaining momentum right now and I think it is valid.  Dr. Cordain is one smart cookie, well maybe not cookie 😉 but I think the concept that we start eating for how our bodies were intended to eat and we will see huge gains in health and wellness.

So with the thoughts of Paleolithic lifestyles running through your head I will bring you shockingly back to modern-day with an update on my computer situation.  LOL

I warned you this was a multipronged post 🙂  Ok So I want to praise EVGA.  While at first I was a bit deterred by spending $30 to ship my video card down to the states for the to repair or replace the board they have blown my mind in customer service since then.  Well they have upgraded as well as replaced my original card to a GTX DS 560 SSC (Nicer than my old on) and that took me out of SLI (2 of the same card = 1.5 to 2x the power) while this new card is about 15 to 20% more powerful than my original gtx 460, it basically makes my second 460 useless.  I e-mailed then on the fleeting and off-chance they may take pity on me and low me to step up my 2nd 460 to the 560 for a fee.  To my surprise they did take pity on me and in doing so they have sent me a prepaid shipping label to get my card down to them, are replacing it with the same 560 I mentioned above and all for free!  I am amazed and floored at the service they are giving me.  I can understand replacing the defective 460 but the perfectly healthy one too?  And on another note I re-flashed my motherboard with the latest bios and it is working like it did previously again.  So it must have been a bad flash to start with.

In the end I want you all to read Diane’s post and think about who you are in your own eyes.  I think you will be surprised to see how little we actually do think about it as we always live for others.

So as always, until next time we meet . . .


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A random collection of my thoughts throughout time. I am an aspiring writer and foodie. I currently have an "obsession" with wholefoods so I hope to share with you some fantastic recipes, discussions on food in general and some thoughts regarding writing, books or anythings else that comes to mind.
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  1. Diane :0) says:

    I love that you linked my blog. :0) It warms my heart :0)

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