Time well spent

The seasons have changed and I have been slack in posting anything on here.  I will just say that I have a more intimate understanding of why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

Ok enough with the excuses.  This is a message to all my readers that This blog is about to be reformed.  I will still post here occasionally but I will be creating a new one with a focus on healthy eating and my trials to get in shape.  My Son is taking the majority of my free time and energy these days and I have slipped back into the “easy” eating routines of fast food, Albeit the less bad for you fast food joints, and not eating the proper times, and not drinking the right amount of water.

The only exercise I get is what I call my baby work out where I am carrying Alexander in the car seat everywhere.  So the new site will have juicing recipes and healthy eats.  I may even do some video blogging . . . we will see.  I will also discuss the days water intake and work outs.

This blog shall remain as my random thoughts blog and I will also discuss all things about being a new dad and some of Alexander’s achievements.

So without further adieu . . . THANK YOU for following this blog and I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY New Year!

So Until Next Time we meet . . . 


About williamgwscott

A random collection of my thoughts throughout time. I am an aspiring writer and foodie. I currently have an "obsession" with wholefoods so I hope to share with you some fantastic recipes, discussions on food in general and some thoughts regarding writing, books or anythings else that comes to mind.
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