Well that time of year has rolled around again.  After skipping last year with my son being so new I felt that this year would be my year.  so My vow is to write instead of gaming every night in November.  on top of this i will write a blog post here everyday.  I haven’t been writing much lately and I need to jump right back in.  so be patient with me as my fingers loosen up and and my creative brain re-ignights. So to all my fellow NANOWRIMO participants may the words ever flow from your mind and may you be ever present when they do 🙂

So until next time we meet . . .


About williamgwscott

A random collection of my thoughts throughout time. I am an aspiring writer and foodie. I currently have an "obsession" with wholefoods so I hope to share with you some fantastic recipes, discussions on food in general and some thoughts regarding writing, books or anythings else that comes to mind.
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One Response to NANOWRIMO

  1. Best of luck with NaNoWriMo!

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