About Me and this blog thingy


You found this page so I guess you’re a little curious about the site or me . . . well what is Random Musings in Time?

It is a random collection of my thoughts throughout time. I am an aspiring writer and foodie. I use this to pass on cool tidbits about nutrition and specifically sans Gall bladder and its need for whole foods. I currently have an “obsession” with wholefoods so I hope to share with you some fantastic recipes, discussions on food in general and some thoughts regarding writing, books or anything else that comes to mind. If you have come to read about something specific, be warned.

Or maybe you’re interested in me so who is this not so mysterious man?

I am a writer in training by the lovely feedback of my friends and family. I am sporadic at best in keeping this blog going but I have done what I can thus far with it. To learn more about me . . . read. I use this as my therapist. I hope that by writing what I am dealing with, it may help others who are experiencing the same. I try to live my life by learning and by writing about it I hope that I am able to also teach through my mistakes and my enlightening moments.

Time is always going to be a theme you will see pop up and you will see it in almost every one of my titles. Though I must admit, my first post alluded to time in the title but did not mention in straight out.

Overall I hope you like what you read and I encourage you to write me and let me know or comment on an article if you feel moved by it.




One Response to About Me and this blog thingy

  1. Hey William…gotcha! Tag, you’re it. http://wp.me/p1xjcY-m7

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