Mom’s Shortbread

Ok so I have been on the whole food kick lately and I promised myself to go through all of my mom’s recipes and convert them to whole food.  Well . . . These are not 100% whole food but the cookie itself is.  The cinnamon heart on top is not 🙂  I made these for my mother in law for her birthday as she loves shortbread.

My Mom's Recipe

Mom’s Shortbread cookies

2 C – flour

1/2 C – Icing Sugar

1 Tbsp – Vanilla

1 C – Butter (cold)

1 tsp – water


So what I do is I cut up the cold butter and drop the icing sugar in a food processor to cut them together 3 or 4 blitzes should do it.

Then transfer the mixture to a mixer and add the flour and vanilla.  mix on slow spread while sprinkling the 1 tsp of water into the mixture.  after about 1 minute it should start to form up.  stop the mixer as soon as that happens.

Form into balls and drop on to a cookie sheet.  Before I baked them I pressed a cinnamon heart in the centre and flattened the cookie slightly with my thumb.

I use a convection oven and mine was @ 350 for about 18 minutes.  Mine are smaller so it made 3 dozen cookies.  You can expect anywhere from 2 – 3 dozen cookies depending on how big you make them.  I would say a ball the width of a quarter was what I made and up to a loony size would work but larger may take longer in the oven.

Alternatively you could roll it out and make cut outs out of it.  The dough holds its shape well in the oven.


Sift.  It separates the flour and icing sugar giving the dough a bit more air to allow for the flakiness that make the shortbread so good.

Use whole wheat flour to give a nuttier flavour and extra fibre.

I use 100% cane sugar icing sugar, avoid the ones cut with cornstarch too much.



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